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The Fresh Cross Stitch

Backstitch alphabet (small and medium size)

Backstitch alphabet (small and medium size)

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Backstitch alphabets cross-stitch pattern.

  • Upper and lower case
  • Letters (A to Z), numbers (0-9), and symbols (, . ? ! ( ) )
  • In the medium alphabet, upper case letter A has 4.5 x 3 stitches, and lower case letter A has 3 x 2.5 stitches.
  • In the small alphabet, upper case letter A has 3.5 stitches x 2 stitches, and lower case letter A has 2 x 2 stitches.
  • Colors: 1 color

This alphabet is suitable to personalize the text in the Taylor Swift Spotify covers patterns.

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What's included?

Every digital pattern includes:

  • A cover with the finished design and its characteristics.
  • A pattern with colored symbols.
  • A pattern with black and white symbols.
  • The complete color guide in DMC colors.
  • The PDF has an A4 format, suitable for standard printing.


Dimensions are calculated by using a standard 14-count aida (one of the most common type of aida). Bear in mind this is only an approximation, and the final dimensions will depend on the type of aida you use.

If you want to calculate the exact measure, you can divide the number of stitches by the count your using.

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  • This is an example of the colored pattern you will receive, with colored symbols for each thread.

  • You will also receive a black-and-white version of the pattern, with the symbols in black and white.

  • You will get the complete list of colors with their symbols, color references and names from DMC.