Cross Stitch Calculator

Cross Stitch Calculator

Do you need to calculate the dimensions of your cross-stitch project? No problem! Use this cross stitch calculator in order to know the measurement of your finished cross stitch project. You can also add some extra room for margins and framing, and be sure you know what size fabric to use.

Cross Stitch Calculator


Width (inches) Height (inches) Width (cm) Height (cm)
Dimension of the cross-stitch pattern area
Dimension with margins
Dimension with margins and framing

*How to Calculate the Aida Count?

You might be wondering how you calculate the aida count, or even what is this term! Don't worry, this is normal, especially if you're starting with cross-stitch. 

Aida fabric is available in different counts. These counts refer to the number of stitches per inch. Common counts include 14, 16, and 18, but you can find counts that vary from 6 to 22. 14-count is one the most widely used due to its versatility and ease of stitching. This is why this is the pre-selected option in our cross stitch calculator.

If you already have an aida and you're not sure what count it is, simply count all the small squares that fit in one inch. That's your aida count!

How Does Aida Count Affect my Project?

Choosing the right aida for your project has an effect on the way you work and also on the finished results. Let me elaborate.

Smaller aida counts, like 10-count aida, are easier to work with. Why? Since they have less squares per inch, this means the squares are larger, and you will be able to see them more clearly. This is the perfect options for cross-stitch beginners or for children.

Larger aida counts, like 18-count aida, are more challeging to work with, because the squares are considerably small and passing your needle through them is more diffitult.

The number of the aida also affects the resolution of the finished project. The larger the squares (the smaller the count), the larger the finished project, and vice versa. Also, working with smaller counts also enlarges the amount of floss you need.

Standard aida counts, like 14-count aida or 16-count aida, are an intermediate point. They're not that small so your daily work won't be affected and the resolution of the design will be great. This is why they are the most used aida count.

How much space should I leave as margin?

In order to have a safe margin, I recommend you to leave 2 o 3 inches on the sides of your project. If you want to frame your design, add an extra inch. 

If you also want to calculate how many skeins of floss you need for your project, you can also use our skein calculator.

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