10 Reasons to Learn and Love Cross Stitch

10 Reasons to Learn and Love Cross Stitch

We are obsessed with technology, yet the number of people finding delight in crafting continues to grow. Cross stitch is one of those crafts that withstands the test of time and remains one of the favorite offline pastimes. But why? Why is cross stitch so addictive, to the point of being irresistible for centuries?

Whether you're already a cross stitch enthusiast or you're looking for a new offline hobby, here are several reasons to learn and love cross stitch.

1. It's simple

Cross stitching is genuinely easy. Don't be intimidated by the pattern symbols; all you need to do is create small crosses. Starting cross-stitching from scratch is easy and suitable for everyone, regardless of age or whether you've ever picked up a needle in your life. In fact, it's one of the easiest forms of embroidery there is!

The most complex part of cross stitch is learning to read a cross-stitch pattern, and that's actually quite simple. You just need to familiarize yourself with the grid and its symbols and count your stitches carefully!

2. It's portable

One of the things I love most about cross stitch is that you can do it anywhere. Especially when working on small projects, you can pack your fabric, embroidery hoop, threads, and needle in your bag and stitch wherever you like: at the doctor's waiting room, on a flight, at the beach... The choice is yours!

3. It’s an offline hobby that requires no electricity

This is one of my favorite reasons. How many hobbies do you know that are offline and don't even require electricity? In a world where we are constantly connected to Wi-Fi and outlets, having such a hobby is simply fantastic. It allows you to escape from social media and screens and, as I mentioned earlier, you can do it almost anywhere.

4. It has numerous health benefits

Believe it or not, cross stitch offers numerous health benefits. The repetitive rhythm of cross stitch is incredibly relaxing, making it highly beneficial for mental health, such as reducing stress and anxiety.

This type of embroidery also requires patience and precision. So, as you delve into this hobby, you'll find that your eye becomes trained, allowing you to make faster and more precise movements with practice. This helps keep your brain plasticity, making it stay agile and in shape, which is something you'll benefit from in other aspects of life as well.

5. It’s traditional

Cross stitch has such a rich history that dates back to at least the year 618. Continuing to do cross stitch means you'll be following a centuries-old tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Doesn't that feel comforting?

6. It’s an outlet for creativity

Sometimes it's challenging to find hobbies that allow us to express our creativity because we don't always have the skills for them. But that's not the case with this type of embroidery. Cross stitch is suitable for all audiences, even if you think you won't be good at it.

With cross stitch, you can create your own designs. Even if you follow a pattern, you can personalize it by adding text or changing colors. Whatever you choose, cross stitch allows you to explore your creativity and discover the artist within you.

7. It has enduring results 

One fantastic aspect of cross stitch is that it lasts practically forever. Some cross stitch thread brands, like DMC or Anchor, are incredibly durable. You just need to be careful not to wash your works with harsh detergents (for example, you should avoid bleach) or in excessively hot water. By avoiding these, your cross stitch projects will last for decades.

8. It’s budget-friendly 

This is essential: cross stitch is affordable. All you need for cross stitch is an embroidery hoop, fabric (soluble or cross stitch fabric), threads, a needle, and scissors. Initially, you may have to make a small investment in threads of various colors, but you'll find that they are very durable and can be reused in many other projects.

9. It’s beautiful and practical

You can use cross stitch embroidery to create useful objects. While many people frame their works, there are plenty of items that can be embroidered. Additionally, keep in mind that you don't always need to use specific cross stitch fabric; there are soluble fabrics that allow you to cross stitch directly onto regular fabrics, so you can embroider on clothing or a bag, for example.

Another advantage of cross stitch is that it's beautiful and can be a lovely gift. There's nothing better than giving something you've made with your own hands. Moreover, these days, there are many places where you can find modern and beautiful cross-stitch patterns, so you're sure to find something ideal for that person you have in mind!

10. It’s environmentally friendly

This is also a compelling reason to consider learning cross stitch! Nowadays, it's challenging to find hobbies that are as kind to the planet, producing no waste or containing plastics. Well, here's one! Cross stitch fabrics and threads are made from organic and, in many cases, recycled fibers. You won't find unnecessary materials like plastic packaging, and there's no CO2 consumption involved. Completely eco-friendly.

As you can see, there are many reasons to learn and love cross stitching. This is a harmless, affordable, creative, and age-old hobby, so I'm sure you won't regret giving it a try.

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