DMC vs Anchor: What's the Best Thread for Cross Stitch?

DMC vs Anchor: What's the Best Thread for Cross Stitch?

When it comes to choosing threads for your cross stitch projects, two brands are recognized worldwide for their quality and variety: DMC and Anchor. These brands offer a wide range of colors and thread types, but it can be difficult to decide which is the best choice. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of DMC and Anchor threads to help you make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons of DMC Threads

DMC is a French brand that has been a leader in the embroidery industry for decades. Their cross stitch threads are known for their quality and consistency. Here are a few reasons why DMC might be the right choice for you:

Color Range: DMC offers an extensive color palette, with over 500 shades to choose from. Their yarns are numbered and organized in a wide range of color ranges, making it easy to find the perfect color for your project.

Quality and strength: DMC cross stitch threads are made from high quality cotton, making them strong and durable. These threads do not fray easily and retain their luster even after multiple washings.

Availability: Surely you have noticed that DMC is considered the benchmark in cross stitch threads. This brand is usually the reference of colors used in the patterns and it is also very easy to find it in stores all over the world because DMC is widely recognized and distributed all over the world. You can find their threads in craft stores, online and in most stores specialized in embroidery. This makes it easy to access their products no matter where you are located.

Pros and Cons of Anchor Threads

Anchor is another popular brand of cross stitch threads, with a long history in the embroidery industry. Here are a few reasons why you might consider Anchor cross stitch threads:

Softness and luster: Anchor threads are known for their softness and luster. They are made of high quality cotton that glides smoothly through fabric and offers a lustrous finish to your projects.

Vibrant color palette: Anchor has a wide range of vibrant, saturated colors that are perfect for projects that require intense hues. Their yarns are available in a variety of shades and hues to meet all your design needs.

Resistance to wear: Anchor yarns are renowned for their resistance to wear and fading. They maintain their vibrant appearance even after prolonged use and repeated washings, ensuring that your cross stitch projects stay beautiful over time.


Conversion chart thread DMC Anchor


In the end, the choice between DMC and Anchor depends on your personal preferences and the results you are looking for in your projects. Both brands offer high quality threads with a wide selection of colors. Some embroiderers prefer DMC for its wide availability and range of colors, while others opt for Anchor because of its softness and distinctive sheen. It is best to experiment with both brands and find out which one best suits your needs and embroidery style.

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