15 Gift Ideas for Sewing, Embroidery, and Cross Stitch Lovers

15 Gift Ideas for Sewing, Embroidery, and Cross Stitch Lovers

If you're looking for gift ideas for that special someone who loves sewing, embroidery, or cross stitch, you've come to the right place. At The Fresh Cross Stitch, we are experts in all things cross stitch and, therefore, also in other sewing and embroidery fields.

There are a thousand tools that can make great gift ideas. I have personally tried them myself and used them as gift ideas, so you can't go wrong! Here are my gift ideas for sewing, embroidery, and cross stitch enthusiasts.

1. Professional sewing scissors

Sewing scissors are essential no matter the type of embroidery or sewing hobby one has. While there are probably already some in every sewing kit, there are sewing scissors that are true pieces of jewelry, with beautiful designs for all tastes. I particularly like these, with lovely butterfly and heron shapes:
15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Professional sewing scissors

2. Embroidery stand

One of the main challenges in sewing or embroidery is avoiding back strain since we spend many hours practicing this hobby. Therefore, giving an embroidery stand that is both practical and beautiful is a great idea.

These wooden stands are really simple, take up little space, and can be placed on practically any surface. There are various types: with clamps to attach to the edge of a table, with support, with a shelf to place other sewing accessories, and more.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Embroidery stand

3. Magnifying and light lamp

Last Christmas, I bought this lamp for my mother, and it was a big hit! This lamp consists of a round magnifying glass with an adjustable ring light around it. The reason for including this gift on my list is simple: embroiderers and sewers often have vision problems since they work with their eyes focused on very small points. Whether you have vision problems or want to avoid them, a lamp like this is ideal. Thanks to its magnifying glass, you can see the stitches much larger without straining your eyes or getting tired. Additionally, the ring light perfectly illuminates the area and can be adjusted to balance with natural light. Another great feature of this lamp is that it's wireless: it works with a battery, so you can take it wherever you want and adjust its position and height.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Magnifying Lamp


4. Magnifying and light glasses

This tool is very similar to the previous one, but instead of being a lamp, they are glasses! Their function is very similar: the lenses have magnification and also come with a light that perfectly illuminates the area where we are working. The advantage of these glasses is that you don't need a surface to support them. However, keep in mind that these glasses may not be ideal if the person you're buying them for already wears glasses, as it can be complicated to use both at the same time.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Magnifying Glasses


5. Needle minder

Did you know that there are small magnets to prevent needles from getting lost? They're known as needle minders, and they are small metal pieces with beautiful designs that, thanks to their magnetic function, capture the needle and keep it fixed on their surface, preventing it from falling and getting lost. 

You have plenty of designs to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect one for you. In addition to being practical and beautiful, they are also very affordable, making them perfect if you're looking for an economical gift for sewing, embroidery, or cross stitch lovers.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Needle Minder

6. A collection of threads

But they can't be just any threads. If you're looking for a gift for a seamstress or embroiderer, they probably already have plenty of threads. However, you can choose to buy special editions of some threads, like these metallic threads from the Gütermann brand:

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Gütermann metallic thread

Or these metallic embroidery threads from DMC.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

DMC metallic thread

7. Embroidery thread organizer

If the person you're gifting is an embroidery or cross stitch enthusiast, they probably have loads of colored embroidery threads. If that's the case, gifting them an embroidery thread organizer is an ideal solution. These organizers are small boxes with compartments to group threads by color. 

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Thread Organizer

You can also buy the necessary accessories for organizing the threads, such as the bobbins and labels to identify the colors.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Thread Bobbin

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Thread Tags

8. A beautiful or personalized sewing box

When it comes to sewing boxes, there are no set rules. It's true that sometimes a simple butter cookie tin can do the job. However, when we have too many sewing tools and want to keep them organized, it's better to have a more complete and beautiful sewing box, like this fully equipped, multi-tiered cantilever toolbox:

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Sewing box

This is also a good idea, since it’s really beautiful:

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Sewing box

And last, why not give a cross stitch pattern to personalize the sewing box itself? This fun cross stitch pattern represents the lid of the famous Danish butter cookies that many of us use as sewing boxes, so it can be used to customize the lid of a round sewing box. Isn't that a fun idea?

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Cookies Box Pattern

9. A sewing or embroidery book

This gift option is especially interesting for beginners in this art. If you're looking for a gift for beginners, a book can be a way for them to learn new techniques and become skilled embroiderers or sewers.

10. A magazine subscription

In every country, there are plenty of sewing, cross stitch, and embroidery magazines. If you're looking for a gift for a fan of these hobbies, a magazine subscription can be an original and useful gift. These magazines usually offer new patterns, techniques to improve projects, and interesting content about embroidery and sewing.

11. Customized embroidery hoops

Embroidery hoops are used to stretch the fabric we embroider on, and some artisans make customized embroidery hoops that can be a great hit.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Personalized Embroidery Hoops

12. A sewing machine

For higher budgets, a good sewing machine can be a great idea. Singer has been the market-leading brand for decades, so we recommend opting for this popular brand if you want to gift a good sewing machine.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Sewing Machine

And if you want something simpler, a practical hand-held sewing machine is also a good solution. These miniature sewing machines are very practical and not all seamstresses have one:
15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Miniature Sewing Machine

13. A course for a new craft

It's common for sewing, embroidery, and cross stitch enthusiasts to also get interested in other similar crafts, such as crochet, knitting, or pattern making, to name just a few ideas.

Look for a course in your area that offers introductory classes to a new art. It's an ideal way to learn new skills, meet new people, and find a new hobby that they will love.

14. A pincushion

The pincushion is an essential tool, so it can be a great gift idea for sewing, embroidery, or craft lovers in general. Moreover, there are many different design ideas, so you're sure to find one that makes for an ideal gift.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers


15. An Etsy gift card

If, despite all our gift ideas for sewing, embroidery, and cross stitch lovers, you haven't found the perfect gift, you can always opt for the versatile option of an Etsy gift card. Etsy is the ultimate marketplace for artisans and handmade craft lovers. There, you can find everything: sewing tools, patterns, guides, and beautiful finished objects that are unique because they're handmade.

15 gift ideas for cross stitch lovers

Etsy Gift Card

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